What is a Plasma Pen?What is a BeierPlasma Pen K85?

What is a plasma pen treatment?

A plasma pen treatment may be a modern method to make sure that tiny lines and other blemishes are a thing of the past. Often there are smaller areas which will not be noticed by the encompassing area but by the person concerned. within the past, the question was often whether “a major operation” sort of a classic face lift was worthwhile.

The plasma pen is that the gentle alternative to surgical intervention and manages to visibly tighten the skin immediately and without damage, thereby improving the complexion. During the treatment, the patients have the prospect to see the result and to speak any requests immediately. topical anaesthesia is totally unnecessary here. Treatment with the plasma pen only requires local anaesthesia thanks to modern technology and therefore the uncomplicated processes and is characterized, among other things, by …:

? the renouncement of syringes and Co.
? no to little pain
? the likelihood of outpatient surgery
? directly visible results
? a fast and straightforward cure
? a good range of individual treatment options.

The occurrence of side effects is extremely rare, especially as compared with other treatment options. More and more patients are therefore choosing the plasma pen treatment as a beautiful alternative to traditional surgery.

Which blemishes are often treated with a plasma pen treatment?

The plasma pen are often utilized in a good sort of ways and is by no means limited to the “classics” like the small eye wrinkles. On the idea of this contemporary technology, facelifts, among other things, are often administered with none complex surgery, also as …:

? Upper and lower eyelids tightened
? Reduces wrinkles
? Refined scars
? Treated fibroids
? Age warts removed
? Treats acne
? Labia tightened
? Liver wrinkles on the face

removed. the main target of this treatment method is clearly on the individual solution of small and enormous problems from the sweetness area. a private conversation with the treating specialist is usually the simplest thanks to determine what opportunities exist during a specific individual case.

How may be a Plasma Fibroblast treatment prepared?

Treatment with the plasma pen is significantly more painless than a classic cosmetic operation. Nevertheless, the treating specialists naturally also use local anesthetics so as to form the method as pleasant and relaxing as possible for the patient.
Especially when, for instance , larger areas of skin are to be treated, the procedure begins with the appliance of a numbing cream. This ensures that the patient feels little or nothing during the direct treatment. The waiver of general anaesthesia , which is otherwise customary within the context of major operations, ensures that the patient can ask the treating specialist and obtain advice at any time during the treatment.

How does a plasma pen treatment work exactly?

The “secret” of knowledgeable plasma pen treatment is an arc of tension. this happens between the plasma pen and therefore the skin and is liable for creating an arc. Said arch is then liable for shrinking the surplus skin on the eyes … and with none surgery. The pen is one among the foremost effective, uncomplicated and top quality dermatological treatments within the field of anti aging.

What do you have to be careful for during the plasma pen treatment?

Have you been informed about the treatment with the plasma pen beforehand, skills the procedure is structured and are you looking forward to the result? Wonderful! Then you’ll relax now!
In any case, cash in of the very fact that you simply haven’t been completely stunned which you’ll ask the specialist staff! Ask what you’d wish to know and respond if you’ve got any new ideas during the treatment. The professional specialists can react quickly and thus make it possible to form the top result even more perfect for you.

What does the right aftercare / aftercare of a plasma pen treatment look like?

It is normal for the skin to swell within the respective areas for about one to 3 days after the treatment and doesn’t got to worry the patient. The crust that forms here also falls off quickly and will never be removed “by hand” yourself. Otherwise, there’s an honest chance that scars will remain. one among the opposite consequences of the treatment is that the skin appears slightly pink for a period of three to 6 weeks. so as to make sure the simplest possible regeneration of the whole area, it’s also important that you simply